SchoolBook Prototype

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SchoolBook Prototype


I’ve created an online training course called Design an iOS Prototype in Sketch 3.
In that course I teach students from the ground up on how to use Sketch 3. After the basics are covered we work through designing a fictitious client project called SchoolBook. The course wraps up with the students bringing their screens into InVision and making a clickable prototype that can run on their smartphone.
Some of the topics covered in the course are:
* Creating User Stories
* Creating Application Flow Diagrams
* Designing Grey-scale Wire Frames
* Basics of Color Theory
See the course on Udemy.

Rich Coy

Rich lives with with his wife and two children in Orlando, Florida. He works as a web developer for <a href="">Cru</a> and when he's not at a computer he enjoys playing with his kids and watching movies with his wife.