Jailer Prototype

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Jailer Prototype


The Jailer app is a study of Material Design.
I came up with the idea after reading a news article about a prison escape. It was a fun exercise to think through what information prison administrators and guards would want at their fingertips in a mobile application.
Besides the prisoners current location and a large profile photo they would want a list of recent “Incidents” others have had with that prisoner so they can be better prepared while interacting with them. Medical staff may need quick access to allergies. Search is also prominent so finding a specific prisoner’s information can be done quickly.
The fourth image in the slideshow above is a app flyer I mocked up to show what branding across multiple channels could look like.
This application would be only accessible to prison staff while on the prison’s secured WiFi.

Rich Coy

Rich lives with with his wife and two children in Orlando, Florida. He works as a web developer for <a href="">Cru</a> and when he's not at a computer he enjoys playing with his kids and watching movies with his wife.