Cornerstone Christian Hospital

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Cornerstone Christian Hospital

Desktop, UX

A few months ago I was contacted by Dave in the IT department for the Cornerstone Foundation at Loma de Luz. He had seen the website that I build for Soddo Christian Hospital in Africa and was interested in rebuilding their site. He had built it in WordPress using a theme that was too restrictive and complicated.

I took on the project and we thought it best to break it into phases. The first phase, redesign of the site into a modern and responsive theme, was completed last fall.

This was not the most complex project I’ve taken on but it is the largest WordPress site I’ve built; clocking in at just over 80 pages.


Rich Coy

Rich lives with with his wife and two children in Orlando, Florida. He works as a web developer for <a href="">Cru</a> and when he's not at a computer he enjoys playing with his kids and watching movies with his wife.